Shark patrols have increased along various Long Island beaches, including helicopters making multiple passes along with lifeguards keeping an eye out for fins. “For the first time ever, we are tracking a white shark in the Long Island Sound,” the ocean life research group Ocearch said on Twitter. Theygrowupto4feetlong. A Great White named Cabot was spotted in the Long Island Sound in May 2019. Within a two-week period in July, two sharks were sighted — and videotaped — swimming close to shore. The shark frenzy created this week by the tracking of a great white shark swimming in Long Island Sound may have been somewhat unfounded. The first great white shark ever tracked in the Long Island Sound may have made his way Tuesday from Connecticut to the southern coast of Long Island, marine scientists said. Sharks in Long Island Sound byDaveSigworth Spinydogfishshark,Squalus acanthias.Theirspinesarenotvenomous. The fact that a great white was found in the Long Island Sound for the first time "is a great sign," Fischer said. Another shark named Mary Lee that, like Cabot, is being tracked … A nearly 10-foot, 500-pound great white shark was spotted in the Long Island Sound in May 2019, then headed to the Hamptons. The population of these magnificent creatures has been decimated in recent decades and the return of this Shark is a good indicator that our waters are improving. Having a Great White Shark in Long Island Sound is unusual in 2019. T h e M a r i t i m e A q u a r i u m continued on next page... Wrack Lines Spring/Summer 2011 4 abundant,moststudiedandlongest-livedshark,knownto reach40yearsofage. A great white shark thought to have entered Long Island Sound — a possible first for a great white shark in that body of water — may not have been there at all. According to Fischer, the shark — @GWSharkCabot — was then spotted off the coast southwest of Montauk. The last recorded shark attack in the Long Island Sound occurred in 1961. 2019 was “Shark Year” off Long Island Sound on the North Fork. 19 sharks have been sighted at beaches in Long Island, county executive says By Amir Vera , Laura Ly and Taylor Romine, CNN Updated 0148 GMT (0948 HKT) August 16, 2020 One of these Great White Sharks swam into Long Island this week, leaving a flurry of interest in its wake.